Tenacious. Street Smart. Business Savvy.

The SLG team combines real-world expertise in business law with unmatched dedication and tenacity. No matter the challenge, we have the knowledge and experience to develop creative, effective solutions for all of your business’s legal needs. Click below to learn more about our attorneys and staff.

attorney david shlansky



“SLG is driven to provide insights especially suited to businesses. We look at possible outcomes, their probabilities and most importantly, non-obvious approaches that allow for game changers.”

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colin hagan tp



“When our clients confront tough challenges, we seek creative solutions to achieve optimal results. We craft a tailored plan keeping the business objective in mind and maintaining the flexibility to adapt as circumstances change or new facts emerge.”

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david holloway tp



“Just like I suspect is the case in many industries, the more I practice law, the more I realize that quality practice of law is as much an art form as it is a question of technical competence. Many attorneys have adequate technical knowledge, but being a great lawyer involves a healthy dose creativity and interpersonal soft skills – things they definitely are not teaching in law school.”

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