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Innovative solutions for an innovative developer.

A fast-growing regional developer of residential and commercial properties was looking into new opportunities, including several innovative, residential developments that would preserve and integrate with the natural landscape.

The developer requested SLG’s assistance in drafting custom documents with regard to land acquisition, capital formation, development construction and sale documents. Such projects deal with significant issues involving industrial contamination, liability allocation, and “green” redevelopment. With our extensive experience related to real estate transactions, SLG gained fast understanding of our client’s objectives, such as the need for alternative financing arrangements that add value from conception to completion.

SLG’s ability to quickly and precisely understand a client’s business objectives, plus our vast experience drafting tailored business contracts, gives our clients a real advantage seeking out the best deals to meet their needs.

Difficult employment issues demand a trusted partner.

A multinational company was preparing to conduct a large reduction in force (RIF) across multiple facilities. Familiar with our deep experience in RIFs and other labor and employment matters, the company sought our assistance in preparing for and implementing the RIF, conducting adverse impact and worker notification analyses, reviewing company policies, advising on employee benefits and severance, and preparing employment releases that would safeguard our client against future claims.

SLG worked closely with their human resources personnel to determine the best course of action, and to provide responsive answers to numerous legal issues, including those related to individual facilities or employees. With SLG’s close involvement during this process, our client was able to proceed with the confidence that it was doing so in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, and all based on the latest best practices. This particular reduction in force resulted in no claims, litigation or unexpected results.

Negotiating for today and tomorrow.

A high-technology defense communications contractor asked for SLG’s assistance in negotiating new terms and conditions with a subcontractor related to a classified development project for the United States government. The research and development, if successful, would result in long-term business dealings between SLG’s client, the subcontractor, and the government totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

SLG took an active role in providing strategies for negotiating the deal, strategizing the intellectual property, drafting all relevant contracts, and negotiating with the subcontractor. This transaction was typical of hundreds that SLG has been involved in, ranging from small experimental technologies to mature products and involving major contractors, billions of dollars in sales, and complex governmental compliance aspects.

From making sure that the pertinent Federal Acquisition Regulations were incorporated and understood, to drafting language for a multi-phased license for intellectual property, SLG provided the guidance to help our client develop a long-term business relationship beneficial for all involved.

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