Minding Your Business.

Founded in 1995, SLG has unmatched experience in providing legal solutions to businesses across a broad range of industries. See some of the examples of our success below:

Protecting trade secrets is our stock in trade.

A client approached SLG with a particularly urgent problem. They believed that a former employee had, in violation of an employment agreement, set up a business with a competitor, utilizing hard-won trade secrets and confidential information. After confronting this former employee, it appeared to the client that resolving the matter outside of court would not be an option. The SLG Litigation Group quickly mobilized to file a Complaint and a Motion for Preliminary Injunction in Federal Court.

Due to our aggressive and fast-acting strategy, our client’s competitor quickly realized that litigation was a losing proposition. Back at the negotiating table, they acceded to all of our client’s demands, resulting in a far more favorable outcome than would have been possible in court.

Constantly re-assessing the situation and realizing that nothing in litigation is static is a hallmark of SLG’s approach to dispute resolution, and what helps us achieve uniquely favorable outcomes for our clients.

Complicated business deals made easy.

A multinational manufacturer of solar photovoltaic equipment was looking to take on a series of solar installation projects, with tax credit syndications, each valued in the millions of dollars, and some valued at over $50 million. These projects were scattered across the U.S., with different customers and using different subcontractors. As a foreign-based company, our client needed our assistance in negotiating, drafting, and understanding the relevant issues with each potential deal, including issues relating to tax credits, construction finance, power purchase agreements, and regulatory compliance.

SLG led the way, deciphering local and state regulatory and licensing requirements, negotiating relevant engineering procurement and construction contracts, and drafting and negotiating contracts for the use of subcontractors on the projects. Our responsive, business-minded guidance ensured that our client got the best deals possible, and would be well protected in the event of potential disputes.

Piloting a business dispute with confidence.

A leading manufacturer of avionics asked SLG to help after a customer alleged that one of its products was defective. With a licensed pilot leading the SLG Litigation Group, this client was confident that SLG had the experience and expertise to defend its interests. After many months of trying to reach an amicable resolution, it became clear that the plaintiffs would not move from their unreasonable demands, based largely on unsupported allegations. When talks did finally break down, the case went to trial in Texas.

With an aggressive trial strategy and deep familiarity with the subject matter, SLG achieved the best outcome possible: following a week-long trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client, awarding the plaintiffs zero in damages.

SLG’s industry expertise routinely tips the balance in our clients’ favor, allowing them to handle business disputes with confidence.

The right battle plan for a defense industry client.

A client in the defense industry approached us after a former sales representatives made a seven-figure demand for commissions that were allegedly still due and owing after the relationship had been terminated. The sales representative cited a provision of the Representative Agreement that allegedly supported this demand.

After gathering all of the relevant facts and analyzing the Representative Agreement, the SLG team concluded that not only was the former sales representative’s claim unfounded, but was actually overpaid for commissions, all of which were due and owing to our client. SLG drafted and sent a persuasive letter that recounted the facts and suggested an appropriate reading of the provision at issue, all of which brought the harassment to a quick end.

SLG’s ability to understand our clients’ businesses, coupled with our vast experience devising and interpreting business contracts, gives our clients the edge when it comes to dealing with routine business disputes, which, in less skilled hands, could spiral out of control.

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