Ownership and Partnership Disputes

ownership partner disputes

Small business owners face a multitude of external challenges and threats to their companies’ profitability, viability, and growth. Changing market conditions, fierce competition, or costly disputes with vendors, suppliers, or customers can all raise the specter of disruption and loss.

But not all dangers faced by businesses come from the outside. All too often, internal conflicts and disagreements between business owners or partners put years of financial and personal investment at risk. Different visions for a company’s future often accompany or devolve into deeply personal allegations of malfeasance, negligence, or betrayal.

How these conflagrations are resolved can mean the difference between an amicable parting and continuation of the business, or destructive and intractable litigation that leaves owners and their companies picking up the pieces of a once-lucrative enterprise.


Finding Optimal Resolutions That Protect Our Clients and Their Businesses

The ownership and partnership dispute attorneys of the Shlansky Law Group work with small businesses and individuals within corporations, limited liability companies, joint ventures, and partnerships to protect and advance their interests when internal conflicts threaten to consume their businesses and their lives.

We understand that litigation is rarely an attractive or productive option when attempting to resolve problems between business owners. That is why we always explore alternatives and seek to craft creative solutions that achieve an efficient, positive, and definitive end to such disputes.

But we also know that litigation and swift legal action are sometimes unavoidable or necessary to protect or preserve an owner’s rights and a business’s finances and operations. In such circumstances, we bring a wealth of courtroom experience and fierce advocacy to bear on behalf of our clients, never losing sight of the business and financial implications of an ongoing lawsuit.

Seasoned Representation in All Ownership and Partnership Disputes

Several reasons can form the foundation of an ownership dispute. Many of these disputes are made worse because of the lack of a written agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the parties, or a poorly drafted document that creates more confusion than clarity.

Even with a written agreement, co-owners or partners can remain at loggerheads because one believes that the other acted in ways detrimental to the business or their personal interests. Such claims can relate to allegations involving:

    • Breach of the partnership, operating, or shareholder agreement.
    • Breach of fiduciary duties, including self-dealing and conflicts of interests.
    • Financial malfeasance or negligence.
    • Owners’ roles in the company.
    • Disputes over the purchase, sale, or valuation of ownership interests.
    • Business dissolution disputes.
    • Disagreements over compensation structures.

Shlansky Law Group: Experienced Employment Law Attorneys

As business owners ourselves, we know how personal your business is. If conflicts arise between you and your fellow owners or partners, you need counsel who understand what is on the line for you and know how to protect your interests. At Shlansky Law Group, our attorneys have the legal skill and vision to resolve matters in a way that insulates your business operations from these disputes and sets you and your company on a path to a prosperous future.

If you are anticipating or are currently involved in a partnership or ownership dispute, we welcome the opportunity to help. Please call SLG at (617) 497-7200 or reach out to us at info@slglawfirm. We look forward to meeting with you.