Employment Disputes

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Entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, and other professionals like you face complex challenges every day. The vision and ability it takes to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and advance your company’s interests are why you are highly valued – and highly compensated. But even the most sophisticated and accomplished individuals can face issues regarding their own careers and business relationships which lay beyond their expertise or experience. When employment and ownership disputes arise that threaten careers, livelihoods, and reputations, the employment law attorneys at Shlansky Law Group provide the seasoned representation which can help achieve positive outcomes and position our clients for future success.


High-Powered Representation for High-Level Executives and Owners

No matter the size of a company or the nature of the industry, business and employment relationships which were once full of promise can devolve into acrimony and conflict. Personalities clash, goals diverge, and simple misunderstandings become intractable disagreements. The decisions that employees and their companies make at these critical junctures can have immediate and long-term impacts on their respective futures.

At Shlansky Law Group, we work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategies optimally tailored to their unique goals and objectives. We know that litigation, while sometimes unavoidable, is rarely the best or only dispute resolution option. Our litigation acumen in the courtroom and administrative proceedings is complemented by a dispute resolution focus that allows us to find solutions which not only minimize costs and liabilities but also maintain positive employee relationships moving forward. We explore all avenues of negotiation, mediation, or arbitration in our efforts to obtain the best outcome for our clients.

Protecting Rights and Advancing Our Clients’ Interests in All Employment Matters

With creativity, determination, and the insights gained over decades of combined practice, the seasoned attorneys at Shlansky Law Group are able to protect our clients’ rights and advance their interests in all manner of complex employment negotiations and disputes, including those involving:

Shlansky Law Group: Experienced Employment Law Attorneys

As professionals and business owners ourselves, we understand how central your career is to your life. It is how you spend your time, how you support your family, and how you define yourself. When all of that hangs in the balance, you can count on SLG’s employment law attorneys to stand by your side and guide you through a defining time in your professional life.

If you are anticipating or are currently involved in a dispute concerning your employment or ownership interests, we welcome the opportunity to help. Please call us at (617) 497-7200 or reach out to us at info@slglawfirm and let’s talk about what SLG can do for you.

Recent Employment Successes:


  • Assisted a large multinational corporation in reducing its U.S. headcount through a reduction-in-force.
  • Defended employer against unfounded claims of ADA violations and discrimination, achieving a finding of no probable cause from both state and federal agencies.
  • Achieved a favorable outcome for a client seeking to prevent a former employee from using trade secrets and confidential information to develop a competitive business.
  • Defeated administrative action by employee asserting claims of gender and age discrimination.
  • Successfully defended wage and hour suit, including claims for treble damages for failure to accrue unused vacation time.