Trade Secrets and Proprietary Information Claims

For many business owners and executives, the theft and misuse of trade secrets and proprietary information is the greatest threats they face. Whether an employee is exposed to this information as part of their regular work duties or comes by it through deception or theft, companies must be ready to respond to misappropriation of trade secrets without hesitation. At Shlansky Law Group, we help clients protect trade secrets and proprietary information in a variety of ways.

Laying the Groundwork for Protection of Trade Secrets

Preparation for trade secret and proprietary information claims begins long before any information is misused or stolen. During the creation of key business and employment documents, employers should think about how they want to control employees’ access to and use of trade secrets. Companies can procure substantial protection by requiring new hires to sign the appropriate documents. Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements prevent employees from using your trade secrets to go into competition against you or steal clients from your company. Companies should also consider including piracy clauses and confidentiality clauses in their contracts for new employees.

These contracts serve multiple purposes. First, they can dissuade current and former employees from trade secret theft by demonstrating your company’s intent to pursue legal options. Second, they define the consequences of trade secret or proprietary information theft and provide evidence for future court cases.

We offer other services to help clients respond to trade secret theft. Our team can run audits to find areas where your information is at risk, develop hiring and termination processes that limit your company’s risk, and ensure that trade secrets are properly documented for use in future legal proceedings.

We Respond Swiftly and Aggressively to Trade Secret Theft

 When an employee, contractor, customer, or competitor misappropriates your proprietary information or trade secrets, time is of the essence. The longer your trade secrets are publicly available or in use by competing brands, the further your brand is weakened and the more difficult it is to minimize damage to your company.

That’s why we go into action the moment we take a trade secret or proprietary information case. We utilize multiple investigative channels to trace the source of proprietary information, determine how it was obtained, and figure out whether or not a case can be settled out of court. By taking swift action, we show opponents what they stand to lose if they don’t agree to our terms.

In many cases, simply the idea of going to court is enough to bring competitors to the negotiating table. In one case we handled, our client suspected a former employee of using trade secrets and proprietary information to start a business with a competitor. After we filed a complaint and motion for a preliminary injunction in federal court, the former employee realized that they were likely to lose everything they’d gained in court. As a result, we were able to secure an extremely favorable outcome for our client.

Don’t Leave Your Business in Anyone Else’s Hands

Your trade secrets and proprietary information can make or break your business. The longer you wait to develop processes that protect this information or respond to potential cases of theft, the more economic damage you are likely to sustain.

When you choose Shlansky Law Group for the protection of your trade secrets and proprietary information, you invest in the lifeblood of your business. From procedures that limit exposure of your trade secrets to prompt and aggressive litigation of theft, Shlansky Law Group will handle all of your trade secret and proprietary information needs. Call us at 617-499-1971 or reach out to us at info@slglawfirm to get started.