Antitrust, Trade Regulation, and Unfair Competition Claims

Whenever you enter business in a competitive industry or niche, you’re going to run into competitors—and those competitors aren’t afraid to take disputes to a legal setting. Whether your business is being accused of violating antitrust legislation, failing to adhere to other types of trade regulation laws, or engaging in unfair competition, you cannot afford to let claims go unchallenged. You need the unmatched negotiation and litigation skills of Shlansky Law Group.

Assistance With Your Antitrust Case

Antitrust litigation, designed to prevent monopolies and encourage healthy competition in the marketplace, is often a battleground for companies competing for their share of a market. Antitrust cases are meaningful and often impact how business is conducted in the years that follow; not only does this practice area require an extensive knowledge of antitrust law, it also requires a thorough understanding of economic principles and conduct.

Due to the high stakes of antitrust law, you need a lawyer that’s ready to devote significant resources to document collection, review, and analysis. This is not a cut-and-dry area of law, and much depends on an individual’s interpretation of antitrust statutes and laws. To avoid heavy fines and penalties, your company must rely on an antitrust lawyer that is skilled at working with federal antitrust agencies, predicting their responses to different types of complaints, and supplying the right documents to handle claims.

Our team can also help your company avoid potential antitrust issues. If you’re considering taking your business in a new direction, acquiring competing companies, or merging with other companies, consult Shlansky Law Group. We can help you determine how risky each decision is and how likely it is to provoke an antitrust complaint.

Support for Your Trade Regulation Needs

 Beyond the world of antitrust claims, trade regulation is an area of law that encompasses many other areas in addition to antitrust laws. Trade regulations at the state and federal level strive to create a fair marketplace that allows for unfettered competition in every industry. Different trade standard laws address consumer protection and consumer rights, advertising, trademark, and franchising.

Since trade regulation is such a substantial part of business law, great care must be taken every time you make a significant decision in your company. What appears to be a simple change in advertising strategy or consumer policy could actually put your business at risk of trade regulation violations. Not only can these violations lead to heavy sanctions and fines, they can also weaken your company’s reputation and hinder future growth.

Our team can help your business in multiple ways. First, we can help prevent trade regulation violations by reviewing your business documents, advising on key business decisions, and periodically reviewing your business practices and protocols. Second, if you have already been accused of violating trade regulations, we will defend your business vigorously and work to strike down claims against you.

Defending Claims of Unfair Competition

 Major business transactions and shifts in policy can lead to unfair competition claims. If your company has been the subject of an unfair competition claim, you stand to lose a lot. These claims focus on activities that cause economic damage to a competitor, including deceiving the public or engaging in other wrongful business practices. Not only do these claims get substantial media attention, they can also lead to heavy fines for businesses.

The team at Shlansky Law Group has the extensive knowledge and experience needed to handle complex unfair competition cases. Whether your case is based on licensing restrictions, pricing issues, misuse of intellectual property, or another area of unfair competition law, our team is fully dedicated to protecting your company.

When it comes to antitrust claims, trade regulation, and unfair competition cases, you cannot afford to trust your case to an untested law firm. Choose the experienced team at Shlansky Law Group. Call us at 617-497-7200 or reach out to us at info@slglawfirm to get started.